Bring your family to school week!

Please help us congratulate Camarena Elementary School and the PTA on winning their 1st grant by making this event a great one. This calendar has the latest information on the upcoming “Bring Your Family to School” week, including contact information for anyone who can VOLUNTEER to come help out. Please contact Erin Shepard to help out, thanks Erin!



Great Start to Jump Rope 4 Heart

Thanks to the generosity of our community and industry of our students, we have already raised over $2,000 online for Jump Rope 4 Heart.  Our school will get money for PE equipment based on our total haul.  Here is the breakdown for that and the student prizes below:

Screenshot 2014-01-29 21.55.43

Jump Rope 4 Heart Prizes

Spelling Bee Update

The Spelling Bee this morning has been exciting, tense, and … long!

1st and 2nd are finished.

3rd grade started at about 10:45.

I would anticipate the following:

4th Grade = approximately 11:45

5th Grade = approximately 12:30

More updates to follow for Kinder and 6th.


4 Great Drop Off Tips

Here are some tips for a peaceful, easy, and stress-free drop off of your child in the mornings.

1.  Walk to school – Simple, elegant, healthy, and smart!  It’s not like we’re facing a polar vortex or anything.


2.  Get here early!!!!  We have supervision on the playground at 7:45 AM and it is quite peaceful.  Imagine driving into an empty parking lot, kissing your child on the cheek and sending them off to a safe and orderly playground. You might even have time to stop for that favorite steamy beverage before heading to your office or back home to the little ones.  Give it a try to avoid the 8:13 congestion.

3. Follow the rules in the front parking lot by parking only in the marked stalls and dropping off students in the yellow areas in the front (pull as far forward as possible so your friends behind you can get in as well).  Yellow curbs mean you cannot leave the car unattended and red curbs mean you can’t stop there … ever.  Furthermore, you should never drop off or pick up your child from the second lane.  You’ll either have to wait for space in the first lane or park and walk.  It would also be very helpful if we all kept the blue cross walk in the parking lot clear at all times.  It’s similar to not  stopping in the middle of an intersection – a bad idea anywhere, no?


4.  If you enter from the back of the school we need to keep all parents out of the staff parking lot and away from the bus turnaround.  Your only option in the back is to walk, park on the far curb and use the cross walk, or drop them off at the near curb and walk right into the school.

With everyone’s cooperation, patience, and good humor, our children will arrive safely every day and we’ll  have a great day of learning here at Camarena.  Thanks in advance to you who consistently do the right thing on the way to school each day.

New Associate Principal

Dear Families,

Hello, my name is Cindy Orr, and I am so excited to be the new Associate Principal of Camarena Elementary School! I am looking forward to building long-lasting relationships with you and your children this year.

Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself. I am originally from Napa Valley and have been living in Chula Vista for the past ten years. I have two wonderful boys that keep me very active from mountain bike riding to sailing. Family is extremely important to me, and I look forward to introducing my family to yours.

During my twenty-three years in education I have worked with students in preschool through sixth grade in both Napa Valley and Chula Vista. I have a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and a Masters Degree in Mathematics and Science in Elementary Education. I also work with two nonprofit organization: Childhelp, National Organization that helps in the prevention and care of children of abuse and the Socal High School Mountain Bike League.

The connection between home and school is necessary for the success of our children. There are many ways for you to be involved in your child’s education at school, and at home. Please look for blogs from me sharing upcoming events and tips for working with your child at home.
Please know that my door is always open and that creating a safe and nurturing school climate for your child is my top priority.
Cindy Orr
Associate Principal
Camarena Elementary School

Robotics Class Update** 4:26 PM

The Tuesday Mindstorms Robotics class will not be held because we did not have a large enough attendance. 
As a choice – Mindstorms Students may join the WeDo class on Tuesday, or we can refund the money or they can attend our Robotics class in our Eastlake Campus location near Fenton St and Harold Pl. Those classes begin in February and are more personalized.  
Due to popular demand, Mindstorms Robotics is back in session and will begin Tuesday January 28. It will run for 7 weeks. If you have not signed up please do so at


Dress Code for Students

1. Shoes: Sandals must have closed toes and heel straps. Flip-flops
and other backless shoes and sandals are not acceptable. Students should have shoes which are safe to run and play in during recess and during the Physical Education period.

2. Make-up, Acrylic nails, dangling earrings, hoops, chains and keys worn visibly are unsafe and not acceptable.

3. Clothing and jewelry shall be free of writing, pictures, or other insignia which are crude, vulgar, profane, and/or sexually suggestive or which advertise or advocate racial, ethnic, or religious prejudice or the use of drugs, tobacco, or alcohol. Articles of clothing and accessories, including hats, belts, books, binders, lunch bags, etc. adorned with graffiti or alleging gang affiliations are not acceptable.

4. Hats, caps, and other head coverings shall be worn properly and outside. They must come off indoors and during the flag salute.

5. Clothes shall be sufficient to conceal undergarments at all times. When hands are raised above the head, the midriff must be covered. See through or fishnet fabrics, halter tops, off the shoulder or low cut tops, bare midriffs are not acceptable. Shorts must meet the Camarena standards for modesty. They must be no shorter than thumb length when the arms of the student are extended at their sides. Shorts should be worn under skirt or dress.

6. Clothing should allow students to move comfortably and participate in P.E. and other school activities without compromising modesty.

Family Forces: Counseling Services for Military Families

Family Forces is designed to provide counseling services to Military Families and strives to provide a service delivery that is accessible and affordable to those it serves. Family forces aims to provide counseling services in a location that is convenient and suitable for the family, whether that is in an office setting, in your home, or at school.

How can Family Forces help?

  • Develop coping skills
  • Improve family communication
  • Improve couples communication
  • Decrease anxiety
  • Stress management techniques
  • Decrease symptoms of Depression
  • Parenting skills

Individuals can self refer by contacting Family Forces at (760) 300-3313.
If you would like more information contact, Cindy Orr, Associate Principal,