Purpose: Just as Enrique Camarena inspired so many through his life of community service and self-sacrifice, Camarena Elementary will serve as an inspiration to the local, national, and international community as a pioneering school where all learners are engaged by pursuing their passions and interests in an atmosphere of innovation, teamwork, and joy.

Mission: To make Camarena the model neighborhood school for learning in the 21st century.

Camarena  Values

Camarena students and staff will …

  1. be models of character demonstrating integrity, perseverance, and leadership as members of a community where they are valued for their individual strengths.
  2. be voracious learners, inspired to explore and know the world around them.
  3. be clear thinkers through structured social learning, the interplay of ideas, deep reflection, and evidence based opinions.
  4. be fully literate (including digital literacy) integrating their knowledge in all academic arenas.
  5. be excellent collaborators and communicators who listen critically and empathetically to one another and speak with clarity and effectiveness enhanced by multimedia.
  6. explore their passions and interests every day, publish what they are learning, and create products that exemplify their unique talents and skills.
  7. embrace technology to facilitate the acquisition of the best knowledge and information, the development of products and presentations, and to make connections with experts and co-learners anytime, anywhere.
  8. embrace languages through a Dual Immersion program and foreign language opportunities.


Camarena support staff embrace our learning goals and understand that every contribution to

the building and maintaining of the school contributes to the bottom line of student and adult



Camarena students will transform the world through applying what they learn to improve their

community and impact their world for the common good. Camarena students will embrace

technology as a way to access information, create engaging and persuasive content, and

connect with experts and co-learners around the globe. Every Camarena student will learn two

or more languages and Camarena students will be exemplars of integrity, perseverance, and


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