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Camarena Elementary
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  1. Hello! I live one block away on Hummingbird Street. Has anyone else noticed the shoddy, sloppy paint work on the street for crosswalks and stop markers on Windingwalk Street and at the intersection of Exploration Falls? There is overspray and paint splatters, like a five year old did it…not to insult five year olds. I called the City Engineers to ask who QA’d the work, and their answer was nobody…as it was contracted by the Board of Education. Sounds like it would at least have been a collaborative effort. Anyway, not that it has to be a work of art or near perfect…but it seems to have been done without much care at all. It was completed last month, and I gave it some time to see if anyone would come back and clean it up a little…or maybe I’m the only one who cares. Thanks, Rommel Salgado

  2. The contact number on this page is being forwarded to a classroom. I’m trying to call to get information on where the Meet the Teacher will be located.

  3. HI Mr Winter:
    I would like to know if uniform will be required? Also, for Transitional Kinder kids are they also be in the dual Immersion program?

    • Uniforms will be discussed at a meeting to be determined very soon. Transitional Kinder will not have a Dual Immersion component although there may be some time for exposure to Spanish language. More to come.

  4. I was wondering if Camarena would be having the smart mind robotics club for after school enrichment? Both of my children participated in it last school year at wolf canyon. They would really like to continue.

  5. Hello Mr. Winters,
    The school is looking great, I recently moved to the area and I’m wondering if there will be a G.A.T.E. program at Camarena School? Will breakfast, lunch be offered to the children?
    Thank you,

  6. I was just wondering if there is an online application that I can fill out for the reduced child nutrition services.

  7. If you do not attend DASH on first day do you loose your spot? Where do DASH kids stay? Are they at the YMCA or at the school?

  8. Hola! Sr winters:
    Mil gracias, por darle la oportunidad a mi hija Ariel Alexander. Con el programa de dual .
    Estoy super emocionada con este año escolar.
    Y escucho muchos comentarios positivos con su trabajo en las escuelas anteriores.
    Es un placer conocerlo , y mis mejores deseos para este año escolar.
    Velda Alexander.

  9. Hi Dr. Winters
    I have had this thought in my head for sometime already even before Camerena started, how can I go about putting up crosswalks or speed bumps on certain parts near our school ? I know across the camerena school there has been some new ones put in, but my concern lies on the circle on Discovery falls & exploration Falls its so hard to even cross as an adult let alone children , the cars have been going a lot fadter . Should I speak to the school district or city to collect signatures , we encourage our children to walk yet we also need the right tools For a safe community to our children Thank you Dr .Winters any feedback would be great Silvia Rivera ( Concerned Parent )

    • Thanks for your concern, Ms. Rivera. That question needs to be addressed by the City of Chula Vista. I will ask the City of Chula Vista what is the best avenue for addressing this issue and contact you with their reply.

  10. Thank you for your response, I appreciate it greatly , let me know when you hear something Thank you Silvia Rivera

  11. Hi. Sr.Winters, I have 2 kids en other school but i want to know if the camarena school has available space for third grade and kinder grade. Thank You. Paola Ruvalcaba.

  12. Dr. Winters I had sent you a message on the safety on Discovery Falls circle , I spoke to my husband that works for CVPD see if they can get some Traffic control guys out there in the AM hours hopefully they come out ,just a little heads up for all the parents that are having the same concerns on safety , hopefully this only gets better and something permanent comes out of this for our kiddos thank u for doing traffic control as well outside Camerena

    • Thank you for doing bringing up that concern. Last week, I witnessed a guy speed THROUGH the crosswalk as kids/parents were on the sidewalk waiting for cars to clear so they could pass. =(

  13. Hi, I am junior from Olympian High School, and I need to do my community service. I would like to know if the elementary has a program for volunteering or tutoring. thank you

  14. Why was there nothing mentioned today about the September 11th attacks? this is a significant piece of our modern history! UNEXCEPTABLE! What are we doing to our children by not teaching them the significance of the most successful attack on our soil in recent times? Please advise.

    • Hello Mr. Cole. Your point is entirely correct. We did have activities and attention to this event in many, if not all, of our upper grade classes yesterday. The fact that we did not have an all-school observance is my responsibility and I will certainly correct that next year. Thank you for pointing this out as we are all still feeling the impact of that event today.


      Dan Winters

  15. I am concerned with the mascot that was chosen for the school. I recently found out that “Robo Griffins” was chosen as the school mascot. I had to Google the name to understand what it was. It appears to be a half Eagle, half lion and I guess part robot? This does not appear to be a good choice for an elementary school. I spoke with a teacher and several parents and they all shared similar concern about the appropriateness of this mascot for an elementary school.

    Have you considered doing a parent survey about this choice?

    • Hello Mr. Cortes,

      While it is definitely true that some students and parents do not like the mascot choice, all students had a voice and the Robo Griffins were chosen by 40% of the student body. The next closest mascot got 20% of the vote. The “Griffin” does take into consideration many qualities of both Enrique Camarena (bravery, courage, honor, loyalty) and the “Robo” gives emphasis to the technology focus that is a daily aspect of life at Camarena. The staff is in the process of selecting our logo and colors and I’m confident that the end result will be a mascot and logo that is representative of our goals and philosophy here at Camarena. Thanks for your interest.

  16. Dear Mr. Winters,
    I would like to express my gratitude for your willingness to create the Mandarin Program at our school this year. I believe that this extracurricular activity will give Camarena Elementary a good name and a vote of confidence for the future. You have proven once more to be an administrator who cares about our kids, our community and is motivational. I also want to compliment your wonderful staff and the effort they put in to making Camarena a happy experiece for our kids!
    Best Regards,
    Miguel Serrano

  17. Hello Dr.Winters,
    I am helping the PTA with our upcoming winter bazaar (basically facilitating the crafter/ vendors part), I would like to be able to upload the crafters information flier, so that the potential craft vendors have a point in contact.My email address, and phone number will also be included on the flier.

    Thank you,
    Sheri Reid

  18. I have a question. My children are in TK and 3rd grade. For family emergency reason, we have to go to Japan from Jan 9th to Jan 27th. Is that OK for kids to leave school that long? Both of them had no absence for this year now. I have to buy ticket today so if I can reply soon, that would be great…. thank you.

  19. I have two kids @ Camarena, one in 1st and one in 4th, so I’m wondering how I can go to both classes on “Bring your parents to school day”? Are you going split the time so we can attend both classes? I’m sure there are other parents who have more than one child in school.

  20. How long will this event last? Can we only be in the classrooms from 8:15-9:30am? I also have three kids and I want to be able to tell the teachers what time I can be in. Thank you.

  21. The parents in the classroom portion of the day is scheduled from 8:15 – 9:30. If you want to stay longer in any class, feel free to contact that teacher and I’m sure they will be glad to have you at a later time.

  22. Hi. We will be moving a couple of blocks away from the school this summer and my son will be in 2nd grade for the next school year. My son currently goes to Hedenkamp. Do you have space for him for the next school year? When is the registration?

  23. Just wondering if Camarena could look into sending out a weekly electronic newsletter as opposed to sending out so many emails throughout the week. The emails get a bit overwhelming and when there is a need to refer back to some important information, it would be nice to have one central newsletter to refer back to.

  24. Hi, Moving across the street from the school this June. Is there still space? What is the procedure for enrollment. Relocating from Ventura County.

  25. Hello Mr. Winters,
    Where can I find additional information on the Transitional Kindergarten program? I understand that students must now be 5 by September 1st in order to enter kindergarten. My son will be turning 4 this year on November 1st. Does the age-by-date also apply to the TK program? Any info you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

    • To be eligible for TK in 14-15, the student needs to turn 5 by December 2. Here is the breakdown of student eligibility for TK for the next two years:

      TK 14-15 09-02-09 thru 12-02-09
      TK 15-16 09-02-10 thru 12-02-10

      Based on this information, your child will be eligible for TK in 15-16. Please give us a call if you have any more questions. 591-5500

  26. Hi Dr Winters. There have been 4 incidents of indecent exposure in the Windingwalk neighborhood since May 1st. Our HOA has been sending out warning emails to residents and today sent a copy of a flyer from the Chula Vista Police Dept. I was wondering if anything had been addressed at school. Not all residents of this neighborhood receive the emails, especially if they are renters. As you know many children walk to and from school and some of these incidents have happened during the day.

  27. Good afternoon,

    I was hoping you could help clarify an issue for me. I noticed on the calendar that on July 19th there is an event scheduled for families to meet the teachers at 4:00. I was wondering what this event will entail. My husband is planning a business trip for around this time and I was hoping that having more details could help us to plan accordingly.

    • This event is run by our PTA and the only guarantee is that you will find out the name of your child’s teacher. Some teachers will be present and others will not be available. More information about the event will be forthcoming from the PTA shortly.

  28. Mr. Winters, I notice my child’s classroom isn’t finished yet. I see he is in the MPR room, with 3 other classes. Can you tell me how long it is expected for those 3 classes to be there, and how they are going to control noise, lunch etc.? Hopefully only a week or so. Looking forward to a great year.
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  29. Hello Mr. Winters,
    I have a question concerning lunch. Will students be able to sit and eat with children with other classrooms is year. That’s all.

  30. Hello Mr. Winters,

    I had a quick question. My child attends TK this year at Camarena, we do not live in the winding walk area, however since our home school did not have the TK program he was able to attend camerena. I would like him to stay in this school for the rest of his elementary education. Would my child be eligible for a zone transfer every year since he already attends this school or would we have to live in the Windong Walk Community next year in order for him to stay in this school?
    Your response will be very much appreciated!

    Thank you in advance,
    Concerned Mom 🙂

    • Thanks for your question regarding continuing at Camarena. At this time, we are not entertaining any Zone Transfers at Camarena because our school is overflowing resident students at some grade levels. You are welcome to apply for a zone transfer in March,but there is no guarantee at this time that we will have space in 2015-16 to entertain transfers. I’m sorry that’s not the answer you were hoping for, but I now that the schools throughout the Chula Vista Elementary School District are all fantastic.

  31. Dr. Winters,
    Does it make any difference if the child is in the dual immersion program and the family moves out of Camarena boundaries?

  32. I’m sorry that it does not make a difference as our first priority is to serve students who live in the Camarena neighborhood. You do have the right to request a Zone Transfer if you move out but we are currently not accepting any zone transfers.

  33. I would like to donate some jump ropes and maybe hula hoops for use at recess or P.E. Would these items be acceptable and if so, is there a certain standard for the jump ropes?

  34. Thank you. They would be more than welcome. We don’t have any particular standard for jump ropes. I’ve seen both plastic and actual rope on the playground. Ropes are more durable. You can check with, the teacher who has been in charge of Jump Rope for Heart. She may have more knowledge of jump rope standards. Thanks again for your generosity.

    • We have TK orientation on Wednesday July 22nd. The morning TK orientation is from 8:00-9:00 a.m. Parents and their child will come for a “visit” and then go home. The afternoon TK orientation is from 11:40 am to 12:40 pm. Just an hour visit as well with their parent.

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