Good Attendance Matters

“Every year, school absences spike in the weeks before and after winter break, as families squeeze a few more days of vacation into the holiday season. Let’s break that cycle. Make sure your child is in school every day. The best gift you can give your child is a good education and the best place to get that education is in school EVERY DAY AND ON TIME!”  So please encourage good attendance.  You might even run into our Superintendent, Dr. Escobedo, enjoying some meal time in our Transitional Kindergarten class.


Gallery of Experts Starts Monday

Our students have been working hard all quarter learning about and writing on expository topics in Science, Social Science, Math and more.  They are eager to share their great work with our Camarena community.  The most recent schedule is here:

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Please stop by to see the student work either during the demonstration hour, if possible, or during the display only time.  We are also asking parents and visitors to help out students become better researchers and writers by giving feedback on sticky notes on a couple students.  Sticky notes and these guidelines will be provided at the door so you can encourage our students to improve their craft.

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Big Weekend for Camarena Elementary

If you were fortunate enough to join us on Friday night at the Winter Wonderland you benefitted from the combined hard work of our PTA, many parent volunteers, and staff in presenting an enjoyable night of activity, holiday festivities, and student performances.  Thanks to all those parents who donated items for the class baskets and to the wonderful crew of the PTA who planned and coordinated every aspect of this outstanding event.

Also, on Saturday our Robotics team competed in the Southern California First Lego League Tournament at Legoland against 54 teams throughout the region.  They had a great time and performed admirably for a first year team.  They took home a trophy in the category of Most Inspirational Team and their score on the Performance aspect of the tournament was in the top 10 for the day.  All around, Coaches Stentiford and Lahlum are very proud of our dedicated and talented group of scientists and collaborators that make up our Robo Griffin Robotics Team.  Clearly, it was a great weekend to be from Camarena Elementary.  To top it off, the Chargers beat the dreaded New York Giants and that quarterback who will not be named!!!