4 Great Drop Off Tips

Here are some tips for a peaceful, easy, and stress-free drop off of your child in the mornings.

1.  Walk to school – Simple, elegant, healthy, and smart!  It’s not like we’re facing a polar vortex or anything.


2.  Get here early!!!!  We have supervision on the playground at 7:45 AM and it is quite peaceful.  Imagine driving into an empty parking lot, kissing your child on the cheek and sending them off to a safe and orderly playground. You might even have time to stop for that favorite steamy beverage before heading to your office or back home to the little ones.  Give it a try to avoid the 8:13 congestion.

3. Follow the rules in the front parking lot by parking only in the marked stalls and dropping off students in the yellow areas in the front (pull as far forward as possible so your friends behind you can get in as well).  Yellow curbs mean you cannot leave the car unattended and red curbs mean you can’t stop there … ever.  Furthermore, you should never drop off or pick up your child from the second lane.  You’ll either have to wait for space in the first lane or park and walk.  It would also be very helpful if we all kept the blue cross walk in the parking lot clear at all times.  It’s similar to not  stopping in the middle of an intersection – a bad idea anywhere, no?


4.  If you enter from the back of the school we need to keep all parents out of the staff parking lot and away from the bus turnaround.  Your only option in the back is to walk, park on the far curb and use the cross walk, or drop them off at the near curb and walk right into the school.

With everyone’s cooperation, patience, and good humor, our children will arrive safely every day and we’ll  have a great day of learning here at Camarena.  Thanks in advance to you who consistently do the right thing on the way to school each day.

5 comments on “4 Great Drop Off Tips

  1. Thank you! It appears to be the same parents, every day, who drive right on into the bus turnaround even when the safety patrol kids have their STOP SIGNS OUT! Hopefully they will read this and realize their mistake…..

  2. Wendy (different Wendy). Thank you Dr. Winters. I would also like to add that people are stopping in the lane next to the drop off lane, and sitting there waiting for their kids; like it is a second drop off and pick up line. This is very dangerous. Not only is it rude and inconsiderate to those trying to do the right thing, it is very dangerous for the families who are crossing between those cars. On another note, I don’t usually walk my kids because of time constraints, but I did yesterday. I saw three cars ignore the crossing guards and blow thru while their sticks were down and then into the school as I was waiting to cross. Thank you for bringing these safety rules up again.

  3. Thank you Mr. Winters from addressing this safety rules again. I reminded a parent this week that it was not allowed to leave cars unattended on the drop off lane, he seemed surprised and bothered. I am wondering if the CV police could stop by again to help us enforce this safety rule. Their parking tickets seemed to have good results last time they were there. Thank you!

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