Office 365 for All Students

Some of you may have seen a flyer about an offer for Office 365 for every student.  You can get the details on our CVESD website to obtain the following offer:

  • 5 installations of the full versions of Microsoft Office:

Office 2013 ProPlus for PC running Win7 and above

Office 2011 for Mac

  • 5 activations of Office Mobile:

Office for iPad with full editing rights (iTunes download)

Office for iPhone (iTunes download)

Office for Android (Google Play download)

  • 1 Terabyte of OneDrive cloud storage as their ‘Digital Locker’
  • 50 gigabyte mailbox
  • Office Online, the browser-based version of Office for co-authoring and collaboration
  • Various collaboration and communication tools between teachers and students

Once again, go to this link to learn more.  Enjoy

The Twitter Challenge


Social Media has the potential of creating more connections between school and families and we are eager to tap into that potential here at Camarena.  Therefore, we are opening up a challenge and an opportunity to interested Camarena families.

We would like to offer the opportunity for several Camarena families to control our Camarena Twitter feed for one week at a time.  Your job will be to post comments and photos about your life at Camarena Elementary from  your unique perspective.    The posts will go out through our Twitter feed of @CamElementary and will be cross posted here on our sidebar at

If your family would like to be considered for this opportunity, please fill out the entry form below and you’ll be notified of your week of Twitter control.  And, for the rest of you, please start following us @CamElementary to see the amazing stories of learning and life here at Camarena.

Posting Student Pictures

Greetings Camarena Families.  Camarena is a school with a variety of web-based applications including school and class websites, social media in both closed (Edmodo) and Twitter (open) environments.  We believe there are many beneficial reasons for sharing the great work that is going on in our classrooms to outside communities.  We are also aware of the need to maintain privacy and safety for our students.  To that end, we will be sending out a media release form this week to obtain permission from every family to share photos or videos of your child on the Internet.  If you wish to keep your child’s picture from appearing on any sites, we will of course, honor that request.  When we do post children’s photos for the purpose of showing the great work that is going on at Camarena we will either use no names or ONLY first names of children and we will never publish both first and last name without previous and specific consent from parents.   Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding this process.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Permission

For those families who are willing to send their child with a device to be used for educational purposes, we ask that you sign the following document and return to your child’s teacher.  The BYOD program is entirely voluntary.  Students who are given permission by their parents to bring their device to school will be allowed to access our CVESD Guest network and they will need to abide by the guidelines put forth in the attached Internet Use Agreement.  If you have any questions, please share them in the comments below.

Personal Property Liability Release Form (PDF)

Personal Property Liability Release Form (Word)

StudentInternetUseFinal (PDF)

StudentInternetUseFinal (Word)