Next PTA Meeting is December 17th, 2014 at 6:30 pm.

Please join us!!!

PTA Email address:

PTA Facebook Page

Yearbook Email address:

Current board members:

President – Sally Gonzalez
Vice President – Karina Jones
Treasure – Arron Leverman
Secretary  – Brenda Peer
Recording Seceretary – Michelle
Historian – Ilana Brongiel
Parlimentarian – Camile Odor
Auditor – Alma Loe
Vice President Membership – Kimberlie Lucas
Vice President Volunteers – Ayme Ocampo
Corresponding Secretary – Michelle Minkoff​

If you would like to contact the board please Email at

17 comments on “PTA

  1. Dear Ms. Sally Gonzalez-Crew,
    I would like to volunteer to help the PTA. I believe Dr. Winters may find volunteer work for me at the library.

    Please feel free to call me at home 619-623-3925 or cell 619-787-6615 if I can be helpful to you.

    Ms. Geneva (Mika) Camarena (widow of Enrique Camarena)

  2. Hello, I just wanted to ask when will you be distributing the Macy saving pass. I have some anxious shoppers. Thanks!

  3. Hi Camarena PTA members I work for Tea Gallerie San Diego and we are trying to make a change in our younger generation and keep them healthy one step at a time! I would love to introduce a Healthy Fundraiser to your school we have created just for children and possibly attend the next PTA meeting and hold a demonstration or knowledge of the kids tea product.

  4. Many thanks to the Camarena PTA for the teacher mini-grant opportunity! This grant was applied to a major life science project in second grade which has brought real-life learning to over one hundred students, and is now becoming a multigrade operation. Take a look at our project!

    ¡Muchisimas gracias Camarena PTA!

  5. Is there a better way to update the PTA website so that paying members will know in advance of the PTA meetings? Does the PTA know when these meetings are going to be held beforehand instead of it on the marquee in front of the school at the last minute. Notice before hand will give paying members the opportunity to arrange the meetings in their schedules.

    • Jacquie,

      Thank you for asking. I’ll work to do a better job of posting the upcoming PTA meeting dates on the PTA page and not just the regular school post/feed. The next meeting’s information is posted on the PTA page of the blog now. Please continue to provide excellent feedback!


  6. Hi Jacquie,
    Our next Association Meeting is January 29th, 6:30 in the multipurpose room. I will be sending out an email to PTA members with all meeting dates for the rest of the year. In addition, I’ll send out a reminder two weeks out. The meeting you saw on the marquee recently was for our PTA Executive Board Meeting which was accidental. Hope to see in at the next meeting.

    PTA Secretary

  7. UPDATE : Spirit Wear we have some issues with back orders on some sizes, please be patient we are trying to get everyone’s orders completed. I will be at the school Wednesday After school. My name is Karina Jones

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