Great Start to Jump Rope 4 Heart

Thanks to the generosity of our community and industry of our students, we have already raised over $2,000 online for Jump Rope 4 Heart.  Our school will get money for PE equipment based on our total haul.  Here is the breakdown for that and the student prizes below:

Screenshot 2014-01-29 21.55.43

Jump Rope 4 Heart Prizes

3 comments on “Great Start to Jump Rope 4 Heart

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  2. I am totally lost on how my son is supposed to print/redeem a coupon for the lifesaver ducks. He has earned most of them but does he need to do something else? Bring a printed something to school? Or do they magically appear around his neck? The kid is obsessed with these ducks.

    • Sorry for the delay. We temporarily ran out of ducks, but never fear, more have arrived and will be delivered tomorrow if your son still hasn’t received his prize. The ducks are pretty cool by the way!

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