Robo Griffin Unveiled

As many of you know Camarena Elementary is now known as the Camarena Robo Griffins.  The updated look to our website is to let you all know that we have also chosen our school logo and colors.  Teal is the primary color with the neon yellow/green as a secondary color.  We also will use gray, black and white to highlight.

The mascot name of Robo Griffin was chosen by a vote from the student body after every class nominated a mascot, then every grade level chose a winner before the all-school election.  The students chose Robo Griffin with twice the vote of the next closest rival so clearly Robo Griffin was the #1 choice of our student body.  The Griffin is a mythological creature that is half lion, half eagle and embodies the character traits of strength, courage, intelligence, and leadership; these are character traits that clearly embody our namesake, Enrique Camarena, and are worthy of our students to strive for every day. The Robo was added to signify our commitment to using the latest technology to enhance our learning environment in every way.

We then solicited the help of some parents and friends with expertise in the graphic design field to present several options for our mascot logo.  The staff chose the following logo as our official Robo Griffin, which will be used for t-shirts, banners, letterhead, etc.

Screenshot 2013-10-24 23.07.14Special thank to our friends who assisted with the Logo Design contest including Mr. Arnaiz, Mr Ebuen, Mr. Elsmore, and Mr. Hughes, whose design was selected.  All of these folks provided graphics of the highest quality and most careful consideration.  We are fortunate to have benefited from their willingness to volunteer their expertise to help us make a stunning and appealing logo for our school.

Screenshot 2013-10-24 23.17.18