Dual Immersion

The lists of students who are interested in Dual Immersion has been moved off line since we have been adding students daily.  Please call 619-397-5494 or e-mail (daniel.winters@cvesd.org) if you need information about your child.

Our next step will be to contact those families who indicate their child has some Spanish and determine their actual level of Spanish competency in order to create classes with a balance of English and Spanish models.  Based on our current level of interest we are planning on the following possible number of Dual Immersion classes:

Possible Dual Immersion Classes

Kinder = 2 or 3

1st = 1 or 2

2nd = 1

30 comments on “Dual Immersion

    • I’m not sure I understand the question. If you mean do we keep this order of consideration even after the first clases are formed, then yes, your child stays on the list. Let me know if you need clarification

  1. I see my sons name on the kindergarten list, but I’m a little confused. Are the kindergarteners entered into the lottery as well, meaning there is a chance that he may not be in a DI class? I thought kindergarten DI was automatic if you were interested?

    Also does the number on the list next to his name represent his lottery position?

    • The students on the Lottery list will be placed in Dual Immersion based on the number they were assigned through the random lottery. We will create classes based on interest AND the number of Spanish speakers. We need a balance of Spanish and English program to have a true Two Way Bilingual Program, therefore there is the possibility that not everyone who is interested in Dual Immersion will be able to get in the program. That is the reason for the lottery. Please call me if you need further clarification. 619-397-5494 Thank you

  2. Mr. Winters,

    When will your staff start contacting families in regards to the dual immersion test?
    Also, when are we going to be notified if our child will be enrolled on the DI program?


    • We are going to be contacting families shortly to begin Spanish testing in early May. Final determination for Dual Immersion will be done in late May. Thanks for your patience.

      • Have the parents already been notified? Might we assume no news means our kids were not selected?


      • No notifications have gone out yet. Thanks for your patience. Now that we have teachers (Yeah) they are being deployed in late May, early June to do the DI Spanish assessments. After that, we will select students and notify parents.

  3. Will the DI program be available for the upper grades (3 and up)? My daughter will be attending Camarena for 4th grade but has been at Wolf Canyon since kinder.

  4. Can you explain what exactly does a dual immersion program consist of (class of English speakers taught partially in Spanish)???

    • We will be offering AM and PM Transitional Kindergarten. Neither of these classes will be a full Dual Immersion classroom, however we are designing a Foreign Language component into the program. More details will follow.

  5. Thank you! I am eager to learn more about the foreign language component! My daughter is enrolled for 2013-14 transitional kinder. She is currently receiving some introductory Spanish instruction at preschool and I would love for her to continue learning Spanish to help prepare for Dual Immersion in Kindergarten. I also have a 2nd grader who is about to complete her 2nd year of dual immersion at A.V. She integrated into the DI program successfully despite starting a year after the other students and coming from a non-Spanish speaking family. We support the 90/10 program 100%! Please keep us posted on your plans for Spanish instruction in transitional kinder. We can’t wait! Also curious about the am & pm schedule? Thanks again!

  6. My son will be 2nd grade year come,can we transfer him to Dual immersion program. Home school is The Olympic View Elementary school.

  7. Hi i just need to know if my child is gonig to be in the dual immersion program, i know that there was going to be a lottery but they where going to let us know by may and i have not received any notice, and what is going to be the hours for kinder at what time are they comming in and going out?? thank you!

  8. Is there a specified building on which the Dual Immersion classes will take place, or is it in their home c

  9. Sorry if this is a repeat question but we are so excited this school was finally built, one of the reasons we picked the Windingwalk neighborhood. My son will be attending your school for the first time and his little sister two years behind him. My question is… Even if you live in the correct zone (we are two bocks away) for your school, your child is not gauranteed a spot in the Duel Immersion class?

    • Hello Mr. Wistner – Dual Immersion is chosen on a lottery basis. We will have two classes per grade level and we do have a waiting list in all grade levels, so it is not a guarantee that every resident interested in Dual Immersion will be enrolled in that program. The odds are definitely in your favor as the waiting list is not extremely long. I hope this clarifies your question.

  10. My son will be attending your school this upcoming year. He will be starting Kindergarten..I would like him in Dual Immersion class when is the “lottery” for that?

    • Fantastic! The Dual Immersion lottery will take place on the day of registration. Every student will be placed in a lottery who enrolls on day one and we will choose the order of consideration through a random lottery. More information will be provided at our February 20 meeting.

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