Camarena teachers love their students, love to learn, love to collaborate and love life. Every
decision they make is based on the question, “Is this good enough for my own children?”

Transitional Kindergarten

Ms. Pretzer – julie.pretzer@cvesd.org

Ms. De Alva – angela.dealva@cvesd.org


Ms. Jones – renee.jones@cvesd.org

Ms. Lesiak – courtney.lesiak@cvesd.org

Ms. Smith – danielle.smith@cvesd.org

Ms. Roque – erika.roque@cvesd.org

Ms. Romanelli – michelle.romaneli@cvesd.org

Ms. Myrmo – monica.myrmo@cvesd.org

1st Grade

Ms. Sandoval – maria.sandoval@cvesd.org

Ms. Barrett – gisel.barrett@cvesd.org

Ms. Jackson – christine.jackson@cvesd.org

Ms. Lidstone – lee.lidstone@cvesd.org

Ms. Miller – valerie.miller@cvesd.org

Ms. Jones – heather.jones@cvesd.org

2nd Grade

Ms. Muro – ana.muro@cvesd.org

Ms. Flores – graciela.flores@cvesd.org

Ms. Inocencio – tiffany.inocencio@cvesd.org

Hackett (2/3) – audra.hackett@cvesd.org

Ms. De Los Reyes – heather.delosreyes@cvesd.org

Ms. Choi – cristina.choi@cvesd.org

2nd/3rd Grade

Ms. Larson – michele.larson@cvesd.org

3rd Grade

Ms. Marcial – amy.marcial@cvesd.org

Ms. Blakely – ianne.blakely@cvesd.org

Ms. Cosio – cathy.cosio@cvesd.org

Ms. Paranada – rosemary.paranada@cvesd.org

Ms. Serrano jackieserrano@gmail.com

Ms. Robles – jessenia.robles@cvesd.org

4th Grade

Ms. Sanchez – diana.sanchez@cvesd.org

Mr. Garcia – guillermo.garcia@cvesd.org

Mr. Collins – bradley.collins@cvesd.org

Ms.  Lahlum – ellen.lahlum@cvesd.org

Ms. McGrath – nicolette.mcgrath@cvesd.org

5th Grade

Ms. Mena – kirsten.mena@cvesd.org

Ms. Stentiford – linda.stentiford@cvesd.org

Ms. Elsmore – robyn.elsmore@cvesd.org

Ms. Alcantara – kerryann.branker@cvesd.org

Ms. Garcia – jessica.garcia@cvesd.org

6th Grade

Mr. Garcia – chris.garcia@cvesd.org

Ms. Hughes – melissa.hughes@cvesd.org

Ms. Mendoza – lisa.mendoza@cvesd.org

Ms.  Mabe – brittany.mabe@cvesd.org

Special Education

RSP Teacher Ms. Cleator shannon.cleator@cvesd.org

RSP Teacher Ms. Simeon – jacqueline.simeon@cvesd.org

Speech Therapist – Ms. Bruton – kathleen.bruton@cvesd.org

School Psychologist – Ms. Cobbs – shannon.cobbs@cvesd.org

Resource Teacher

Ms. Delgado – veronica.delgado@cvesd.org

Support Staff

Administrative Secretary – Ms. Beltran – norma.beltran@cvesd.org

Attendance Health – Ms. McDonald – allyson.mcdonald@cvesd.org

Nurse – Ms. Presson – pauline.presson@cvesd.org

Head Custodian – Mr. Huezo – saul.huezo@cvesd.org


Assistant Principal – Ms. Orr  – cynthia.orr@cvesd.org

Principal – Mr. Winters – daniel.winters@cvesd.org

23 comments on “Teachers

  1. I would definitely like to be involved with interviewing the teachers and staff at Camarena Elementary. It will give me a sense of comfort to know who is around my son on a daily basis, as well as the teachers and staff will be familiar to me as well. Something that is very important to me.

  2. I have three children at Wolf Canyon elementary, and my oldest child has been there for six years (since kindergarten). We have been very fortunate to have had truly great teachers at Wolf Canyon. Being that we will be making the transition to Camerena, I would very much like to share/ partake in the teacher interview process. I am delighted that the parents will be given this opportunity. Thank you!

  3. I am interested in being on the hiring committee for teachers at Camarena Elementary. My son is presently at Wolf Canyon, but will be attending Camarena Elem in the fall. Thank you for your consideration.

    • First of all, teachers will be selected who demonstrate the willingness and ability to work in teams. Collaboration and transparency will be modeled through every school process and expected from all staff members. There is certainly more that can be said, but that’s my Cliff Notes version.

    • I see you signed up. We are having our first committee meetings this Monday at the Winding Walk Homeowners Association:

      9:00 Mission, Vision, Values
      10:30 PTA
      1:00 Dual Immersion
      2:30 Interviews

      For working parents, we will have follow up meetings in the afternoon/evening. Thanks for agreeing to help.

  4. Dr. Winters, I signed up for a few committee’s and have yet to hear back. Please let me know if you already have committed parents and are no longer seeking members. Thanks.

  5. I have applied to be one of the teachers at Camarena Elementary. I imagine it will be a group of caring and committed educators. I would love to be part of that team. I look forward to meeting the parents involved with the educator search committee. I will await patiently for a call to interview for the position. Blessings. -Gerardo “Tito” Zendejas

  6. Bravo on selecting Julie Pretzer as one of the teachers! My daugther is currently in her class and we LOVE her. I already feel a greater sense of confidence about the new school 🙂

  7. thank you for the great school my children have been telling me today on their first day of school that it was amazing they loved the desks thank you for your support with the school

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