Parking and Drop Off Reminders

Now that the school year is off and running, I though it would be important to send out a reminder about procedures for parking, drop off and pick up.  It’s imperative that we all show patience and consideration every day during these hectic times on the streets and in the parking lot of Camarena.  Our first and greatest concern is the safety and well being of our students.  For anyone who is unwilling to follow the guidelines, our friends from the Chula Vista Police Department will gladly lend a hand.

Drop Off Reminders


The Week of April 28

Here are some important dates and information coming up at Camarena.

Follow @CamElementary.  This week our Twitter feed will be curated by 4th grader Jada!  Let’s see what 4th grade is learning at the mighty Camarena Elementary.

Monday, April 28: Teacher Appreciation Day volunteers meeting @ 5:00 PM in the multi-media room

Wednesday April 30: Socia Media Awareness @ 6:00 PM

Wednesday, April 30: General PTA @ 6:30 in the multi-media room

Wednesday one more time: Don’t forget to wear PURPLE in honor of our military children at Camarena and around the globe.

Thursday, May 1 @ 8:30 AM – Yoga class in YMCA

Thursday, May 1:  Zumba @ 6:00 PM in the multi-purpose room

Into the Future

May 12 – 16: Teacher Appreciation Week

May 20:  BBQ Day at Camarena Cafeteria

May 29: Volunteer Appreciation Day

Saturday, May 31: Camarena Color Splash: Sign up Today!

Staff Parking Lot

This is a friendly reminder that the parking lot off of Windingwalk Street is for staff only and the turn around is for buses only.  Therefore, there should be no other cars entering that driveway before and after school.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.  By the way, thanks to everyone who is coming to school earlier.  I noticed on Tuesday the difference that the early arrivers had on traffic and school start time!  And you did that during the first week of Daylight Savings Time.  Impressive!

Dogs on Campus

Earlier in the year we addressed the issue of dogs on campus and I’d like to thank our dog owners who have been compliant with this rule.  However, I have noticed that some families still bring their dogs to the parking lot within the school grounds.  The provision against dogs includes the entire school property, which begins and ends at the sidewalk.  Thanks in advance for adhering to these guidelines if you are bringing a dog with you to pick up your children.  If they could wait like these dogs, it would be even better!


4 Great Drop Off Tips

Here are some tips for a peaceful, easy, and stress-free drop off of your child in the mornings.

1.  Walk to school – Simple, elegant, healthy, and smart!  It’s not like we’re facing a polar vortex or anything.


2.  Get here early!!!!  We have supervision on the playground at 7:45 AM and it is quite peaceful.  Imagine driving into an empty parking lot, kissing your child on the cheek and sending them off to a safe and orderly playground. You might even have time to stop for that favorite steamy beverage before heading to your office or back home to the little ones.  Give it a try to avoid the 8:13 congestion.

3. Follow the rules in the front parking lot by parking only in the marked stalls and dropping off students in the yellow areas in the front (pull as far forward as possible so your friends behind you can get in as well).  Yellow curbs mean you cannot leave the car unattended and red curbs mean you can’t stop there … ever.  Furthermore, you should never drop off or pick up your child from the second lane.  You’ll either have to wait for space in the first lane or park and walk.  It would also be very helpful if we all kept the blue cross walk in the parking lot clear at all times.  It’s similar to not  stopping in the middle of an intersection – a bad idea anywhere, no?


4.  If you enter from the back of the school we need to keep all parents out of the staff parking lot and away from the bus turnaround.  Your only option in the back is to walk, park on the far curb and use the cross walk, or drop them off at the near curb and walk right into the school.

With everyone’s cooperation, patience, and good humor, our children will arrive safely every day and we’ll  have a great day of learning here at Camarena.  Thanks in advance to you who consistently do the right thing on the way to school each day.

iCommute Take 2

Several of our families have found the log-in for the iCommute a little confusing.  I have been notified that we can collect the information ourselves and send it to them directly.  Therefore, if you would like to participate, please fill out the form below and I’ll forward to the folks at SANDAG.   This is to indicate you are either walking, biking, or carpooling to school any days this week.  Thanks in advance for your participation.

Be Patient. Safety Patrol in Training


No doubt if you drove to school today, you noticed the arrival of our mighty Safety Patrol.  They were receiving their first day of training from Officer Vicente of the CVPD and we will all need to be patient and understanding as the procedures for drop off and pick up will be modified as our young leaders will be taking center stage from here on out.  As a community, let’s support our students as they learn leadership and community involvement by taking on this critical and important role.


Riding to school


Camarena Elementary does not allow any skating, skateboarding, bike riding, motorized vehicles, scooters or dogs on site. Students may obtain a written permission slip that has to be signed by a parent to ride to school in any of these transportation methods. Students riding to school must wear helmets. Permission slips will be available in our school office starting on Monday, Sept. 2nd before or after school.

Uniform Survey Final Results

We collected paper ballots from all families that did not vote online and our final tally for uniform interest is…

50% Yes (295 votes)

50% No (300 votes)

We have heard from approximately 80% of our families.  Thanks to everyone for voicing their opinion.  Because we do not have a vast majority of families in favor of uniforms there will be no uniforms at Camarena Elementary.  Also, since we have already had a vigorous and healthy debate of this issue, this post will be closed for comments.  If you have any questions about this process or the implications of this decision, feel free to contact the office at 591-5500.