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  1. How can I find out about the secretarial positions at the school? I live over the hill and would love to work at such a beautiful school.

  2. Hello, i was wondering if my daughters name was on the list. You had mentioned on last nights meeting to email you to verify her name being on the list. I did submit my survey to the district a while back. Her name is Isabella Ortega, and I am crossing fingers she will get a spot into 1st grade.

  3. I am a little confused and every where that I go there is no one able to really answer my questions. I have tried asking the district office as well as wolf canyon.

    A few months ago I got a piece of paper sent from wolf canyon asking what school my child will go to with a check mark box. No where on it ask for my name or child’s name. This piece of paper only contained this question only. Nothing more.

    I am being told by both district and wolf canyon that was the survey and that my child is registered with camarena. During these conversations not one of them ask for my name or my child’s name again.

    I hate for the new school year to start with my child in limbo with an assumption. I do have personal things to do to get her ready for the new school year, ie Childcare.

    Are you able to tell me is my child is on the list for camarena and what I must do to insure her a seat. I am one block from the school. I know that I am in the zone for camarena. Her name is crystal Riley and will be in 6th grade for the new school year. I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks

  4. Will there be any “get to know the school” or “open house” type of event scheduled before the first official day? Just curious. Thanks!

    • At this time we are not planning on providing a list. All necessary supplies will be provided by the school. We may have a suggested materials list, but those should never be misunderstood as requirements. The Chula Vista Elementary School District is a well run organization and we have all the necessary equipment for your children.

  5. I may have missed it, but I was wondering what the first week of school was going to be regarding hours for arrival and dismissal times for Kinder?

  6. Has a decision been made on the uniforms? School is starting this week , and most parents buy school clothes for there kids. I personally don’t want school uniforms. My daughter is really happy with the clothes she picked out for school.

    • The vote does not end until Friday and if the vote is favorable, the process to actually choose a uniform is at lest 6 months long. I’m sorry we gave the impression that there might be uniforms this semester

  7. Thanks for creating this calendar is super useful as I can easily add it to my own calendar. One suggestion would be to also create recurring events for the school start and end times both for kinder and elementary.

  8. Good Afternoon, You have probably already heard and received other emails from us. My name is Rosy from cvcc/Fairwinds. Would it be ok with you for us to do outreach and give out information of our resources at your school on your Mexican fiesta day event?

  9. I am looking at the calendar and it has just come to my attention about Columbus Day. Is school is session on Monday, October 14?

  10. Hello, I am wondering what day and or evening in 2014 will Camarena host a Kindergarten Informational Meeting for incoming or interested children for next school year? Also will we be able to tour the campus at that time and meet potential Kinder teachers?

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  12. Hi, I was looking at the school’s calendar and noticed that there was not a date for a meet and greet with the teachers. Will the school be having a meet and greet with the teachers this year?

  13. Hi I know school start 22nd but how do I know with what teacher or class room my son its going.thank you.

  14. Hello, I am also one of the curious parents wanting to know if there will be a meet & greet with the teachers this year. Hope all had a fun summer break.

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