After School Programs

***All After School Programs listed here are directed and supervised by organizations not affiliated with the Chula Vista Elementary School District or Camarena Elementary.  These outside organizations rent space at Camarena in order to offer you their program.  When you voluntarily sign up for their classes you enter into a contract with these organizations and NOT Camarena Elementary. All liability is the responsibility of the outside organization.

2015-16  Schedule

Smart Mind Robotics (Tuesdays starting 2nd quarter)

Cartooning Class (Wednesdays beginning August 19)

Mandarin Chinese (Fridays)

Prayer Club (Fridays beginning August 14)

Guitar Class (Dates to be determined)

14 comments on “After School Programs

  1. On Tagalog may I suggest contacting the Council of Philippine American Organizations of San Diego for possible Leads? Their website is

    • Guitar classes started yesterday. Your child is receiving a reminder based on the day (Tues, Wed, or Thurs) that they signed up. The lessons are free thanks to our friends at Concordia Church and Preschool, however you’ll need to purchase the guitar, bag, etc..

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