Announcing Mrs. Orr Day at Camarena

2015-05-21 07.37.12-1Last night the Chula Vista Elementary School District board announced that Mrs. Orr will be the new Prinicpal at McMillin Elementary.  We all join in celebrating with Mrs. Orr on this well deserved accomplishment. Of course, McMillin’s gain is our loss and we will take the opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation for Mrs. Orr for her tremendously effective work here in the Camarena commnity. Congratulations and Best wishes Mrs. Orr.   You will be missed.

4 comments on “Announcing Mrs. Orr Day at Camarena

  1. Congratulations Cindy! That is such great news for you and well deserved. Just a huge loss for us here at Camarena. You will be missed.

  2. Kaela says… Dont leave!!! … Im so sad to see you go!! Mannnnnnnnnnnn

    But best wishes to you! Congrats!.. You will be a missed asset to Camarena!

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