This Week at Camarena August 3-7, 2015

Intense Conversation in Kindergarten

Intense Conversation in Kindergarten

The first day jitters are behind us and we are building those routines in classrooms and around campus to allow for learning and safe play all year-long. We have one  big event this week and here are the details:

Wednesday, August 5 – Curriculum Night (Grades Kinder, 2-6)

5:30 Multipurpose Room  – Mrs. Orr and I will do a special presentation about the Learning Process.  We will present the fundamental belief we hold at Camarena about how we learn.  This will be followed by classroom sessions with your teacher to get more details about what your children will be learning this year at Camarena.

6:00 Classroom

6:30 Classroom (Repeat performance for 2nd child)

Parking Lot Etiquette
Here is a post about the proper procedures for picking up and dropping off children in the parking lot.  Please read carefully and adhere to our guidelines for the safety of all of our families.  Prepare yourself every day, knowing that the visit to the parking lot will not go fast!  Any location where 700+ families show up at the same time will necessitate patience and consideration.  Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
Mrs. Orr and myself will be out in the parking lot this week to reinforce these behaviors and I’ve invited our Chula Vista Police Officer friends to support our efforts with their special brand of reinforcement.

Coming Attractions
August 10-13 PTA Scholastic Book Fair

Here are some highlights from our Social Media stream from last week for your enjoyment:

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