Camarena Seeking DI 4th Grade Position

Parents: Please forward to any and all social networks:

We are currently seeking a teacher for our 4th grade Dual Immersion Position.  If you came to this post because you want to work for Camarena Elementary, jump on this posting right here:

4th Grade DI Posting at Camarena

If you’re still not sure about whether this is the job for you, here are 10 reasons why you should seriously consider working at Camarena Elementary.

1.  The kids at Camarena are brilliant.

2.  The Camarena parents are dedicated to education and community.

3.  Our classrooms have the largest whiteboards in the 48 continuous states and students can write on their desks!!!

4.  We have over 500 mobile devices so our students are on the cutting edge of digital media.

5.  The Camarena teachers are dynamic learners, risk takers, and innovative teachers who work together to create amazing learning opportunities for kids every day.

6.  On top of that, our Dual Immersion team is talented, collaborative and very active on social media.

7.  Our students think deep thoughts.

8. Camarena events are the talk of the town.

9.We’ve got an amazing school

10. Did I mention our students are brilliant?

So, if you spent the time to read all 10 reasons, clearly you now understand that Camarena Elementary is the place to be.  I’ll save you a little time and you can get to that posting right here.

4th Grade DI Position

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