Celebrating the Military Child

First, thank you in advance for making this next week special for our hard working students that are part of the military. There are over 220 military students at Camarena that serve our country. 

There are a few changes for next week.  

This week our military children will be asked to share with their class what it’s like to be a military child. They may want to share pictures and/or artifacts from living in different places around the world. If their parent is deployed or has been deployed, they may want to share the states or countries where their parent is or has been.

Thank you for making this a special week for them.

April 13th, Monday:
Write a thank you letter to military personnel.
April 14th, Tuesday:
Slice of life with this photo for homework:images-2
And/or the non-military kids write about what they “think” it would be like to be a military kid and how they would handle having to be the “new kid” every couple of years.  Then the military kids could write about what they would do if they were a civilian kid to help a “military kid” acclimate to a new school….or write about what or who helped them acclimate to Camarena when they got here.
Bottom Line: Choose one of these topics and write!
April 15th, Wednesday:
Wear purple to support military kids images
April 16th, Thursday:
Our military kids  will be able to fill in a map located in the library with:
Where has my family lived? Where are my mom and/or dad now? Where are we going to live next?

No Care packages! The military needs to approve…now we know. 🙂

April 17th, Friday:
Wear Red, White, and Blueimages-3
AND Operation Read:

Parents in the military can read a book to a class or two and, of course, answer questions about what you do for our country.
If you can come read to your child’s class and/or other classes on Friday, April 17th, please fill out this form. Operation Read Parent Volunteer
Books are available from our library or bring one you would like to share.

Thank you,

Camarena Military Committee

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