Parent Conferences and Report Cards


Thursday, September 11 is the first day of parent conferences.  This means that students will be released at 1:15 ever day from September 11 through September 19.  Please contact your teacher if you have not yet secured an appointment.  This first quarter, you will get a report from your child’s teacher on “Responsibility for Learning and Behaviors”.   You will not receive a full and complete report card until the end of 2nd quarter.  Your teachers, however, will share with you your child’s current performance in reading, writing, and math.  Here are the categories for which your child will receive marks this quarter:

Responsibility for Learning and Behavior
Takes responsibility for own learning and behavior
Respectful towards adults and peers
Stays on task and uses time efficiently
Listens and follows directions
Actively participates in class
Produces quality work
Completes classwork in a timely manner
Completes and returns homework
Demonstrates organizational skills
Follows school rules

Once again, here are some questions you can consider as you prepare for your conference.


How does my child interact with you and other adults?

How does my child interact with other children?

What activities engage or frustrate my child in class?

What does my child do during unstructured time?

What activities hold my child’s interest the longest?

How does my child work in teams?

What are my child’s strengths?

What are one or two areas that demand our attention?


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