Update 1:45 PM

Shelter in Place has been lifted.  We are back to business as usual.

2 comments on “Update 1:45 PM

  1. What is the process for notifying parents in this situation? When do you call us with information? I would hate to tie up the phone lines looking for information about the safety of my children.

    • That’s a great question. It depends on the gravity of the situation. Today’s episode was very low danger and the Chula Vista Police Department (CVPD) recommended shelter in place, but quickly downgraded to a less intense shut down, then all was called off within 30 minutes. In a case such as today, parents were not notified until the situation was over as it was quite fluid and our main priority was maintaining the safety of the children and reviewing the potential threat alongside with the CVPD. In the unfortunate event of a lengthier shelter in place situation, we would make use of our phone, e-mail, text messaging, and web tools to provide appropriate and timely communication. If any parents would like to provide input on our Safety Plan and Emergency Procedures, our Safety Committee meetings are open to the public and led by our Associate Principal, Mrs. Cindy Orr (cynthia.orr@cvesd.org)

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