Looking for a Noon Duty Supervisor at Camarena

Interested in becoming a NoonDuty for Camarena?

Please Call Chula Vista Elementary School District 619 425-9600

Education and Testing Requirements:

  1. U.S. High School Diploma, GED (or foreign equivalency or higher), or Military (DD214), or U.S. A.A. Degree or higher with official transcripts reflecting degree
  2. AND Passing CVESD Noon Duty Test

Additional Requirement:

  • Original Tuberculosis Clearance dated within the last 60 days
  • $69.00 Cashier’s Certified Check or Money Order for Fingerprint Processing. Effective February 1, 2014
  • Current Adult and Pediatric CPR with AED and First Aid (Course must be certified by the American  Heart Association/American Red Cross)

Current application requirements and other application information including testing dates can also be found on our website at www.cvesd.org under “Employment”

4 comments on “Looking for a Noon Duty Supervisor at Camarena

  1. For me be a Noon duty is a job for those who like to be surrounded by children, is be aware of their safety, is to understand the discipline and apply it in a positive way, the atmosphere is pure energy, and although it is sometimes tired, reward at the end is to see the smiles each child, and the recognition and respect that you earn for being there.

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