Incoming Kinder Packets are Ready for Pick-up

Our fabulous kindergarten teachers prepared a special packet for incoming 2014-2015 kindergarten students (English classrooms only).  The packet includes several worksheets and a CD so you can work with your son/daughter at home during the summer.  This material will be a great foundation for our new students!
Our school will close for the summer but will remain open until June 18, 2014.  Please stop by the office Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM. to pick up your packet prior to June the 18th.
Thank you and welcome to Camarena!


4 comments on “Incoming Kinder Packets are Ready for Pick-up

  1. Hi! I see that this is for English classrooms only. We were expecting to hear about dual immersion acceptance by now. If we haven’t heard, does that mean the student is in an English-only classroom? Thank you!

  2. I’m a new parent to a foster/adoptive child–this is all new to me. My son is already registered and has had his language assessments. I was unaware of the “Incoming Kinder Packets.” Will they again be available before school starts on July 23rd? Are the packets mainly educational material for the child or do they consists of information/forms for programs such as lunch/nutritional programs, orientation, etc.

    Thank You.

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