Teacher Appreciation Top Secret Activity



Teacher Appreciation Week comes to a close and and we would like to invite all students and parents to take a selfie with our teachers.  These photos will be “planted” around campus tomorrow morning so you can take a picture with your teacher and we suggest three ways to share your photo and appreciation,

1. You can email the photo and your encouragement directly to your teacher.

2.  You can use Instagram adding #camlearns to the photo with your encouragement and the photo will immediately go to this website: Camlearnsinpictures.

3.  Finally you can tell the world about your awesome teacher by using Twitter and adding #camlearns  with your comments.

Please take a minute to take a selfie in the morning and share the love with  our fantastic Camarena teachers.  But please keep this our secret.  I’m sure the teachers won’t event notice the 40 sticks in the grass tomorrow morning. 🙂

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