S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G Bee Champs

Camarena represented quite well at the Spelling Bee on February 8 against Olympic View, Cook, Salt Creek, and Halecrest.  Here are the results:

Kinder. – Pierre Clavillas  – 1st place

First grade – Joshua Hightower  – 1st place

Second grade – Mia Rivera – 1st place, Martin Costa – 2nd place

Third grade – Ruby Lee – 1st place

Fourth grade – Richard Manuguid – 1st place

Fifth grade – Mark Canilang – 2nd place

Sixth grade – Shaira Benoza – 3rd place

Kudos to these students for great participation as well:  Aiden Alisasis (Kinder.), Olivia de la Toba (1st gr.), Martin Costa (2nd gr.), Faith Kim (3rd gr.), Noelle Watkins (4th gr.), Carlos Hernandez (5th gr.), Patrick Clavillas (5th gr.), Brooke Dobson (6th gr.)

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