Bring your Family to School – Correction: No Siblings/extended families please



As we near our week of events, please make sure we all follow the correct procedures.  Camarena PTA is very aware that not everyone is able to attend these events.

To clarify a few questions:

Bring your Mom / Dad to school:  Wednesday is assigned to moms only and Thursday for Dads only.  No siblings and/or extended families will be allowed to attend, due to the limit of class room space and timing.  Immediately at 9:30, you are invited to join us for muffins/donuts and coffee in the auditorium.  This is an opportunity for us parents to join our child in a journey of what happens in their classroom and learn with them.   If you have questions for the teachers, please feel free to contact them via email or set up a time to meet apart from this day.

Kick Off Assembly is scheduled for Wednesday, February 19th at 5:30.  You will have an opportunity to hear the journey of Zeke Moreno and Moses Moreno, former Charger NFL Players.  Our children will have their own time with one of them, as parents engage in the importance of staying involved in our children’s education.


Day of fun: all children must be accompanied by a parent.  There will be no exceptions.  We will be providing a BBQ for our families and there will be a fun game of soccer with staff vs. kids.  Event is from 2:30 – 5:00, food will be on a first come first serve basis.


If you have any questions, please contact us at


6 comments on “Bring your Family to School – Correction: No Siblings/extended families please

  1. for the bring your parent to school day, will the children be in the class with us? or will they be moved elsewhere so it is only parents with teacher in the class?

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