9 comments on “Robo Griffin Gear

  1. I am so bad at this when I can’t see the shirt in front of me: Can someone recommend a youth size t-shirt for my 7-year-old? Would he be a Medium?
    Joe Little, confused father of a first grader

    • If you are asking about tshirt sizes, then I suggest a medium for him. Jack has been wearing a small over a long sleeve shirt. Your son would be able to wear a medium all the way through summer, we’d hope.

  2. Hi, we ordered a T-shirt in December and were told that we would receive it before Winter Break, but did not. When can we expect the order? Thank you!

  3. UPDATE Spirit wear!

    Please be patient we have some sizes in back order and I am filling the orders as best as I can. I will be at the on Wednesdays afterschool. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


    Karina Jones
    PTA VP

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