Seeking Graphic Artists

3131500-1425719678-TechnAfter 6 weeks of discussions, research, persuasive speeches, and votes our students have chosen the Camarena mascot.  We are the Robo Griffins!  Did anyone doubt we would come up with something unique?  Our next step is to design a logo and colors.   We have several parents with expertise in the graphic design field who have agreed to lead us in this process.  We will be meeting this Tuesday night at 6:30 PM.  If you have some expertise in this field, or would just like to have your voice heard, come join us in the Library Media Center on Tuesday night.  This committee will develop a handful of prototypes and the Camarena staff will make the final selection of our logo and colors.  Thanks in advance for your interest and involvement.

7 comments on “Seeking Graphic Artists

  1. I think it is cool to allow the students to be involved in the process of selecting the mascot. However, the choice to me is not one of the school’s legacy! This is what these students picked and maybe not one future students will embrace.

    • I appreciate your input, however I’m completely satisfied with the students’ decision. Students were told they would have input on the logo and we honored that promise. The rationale behind the mascot connects very well with our school’s namesake Mr. Camarena. The students described a Griffin as an animal that is brave, loyal, determined, and a fighter. The “Robo” comes from our focus on technology. At this time, we have some parents in the graphic design business who are helping us design a professional logo and colors to represent our school. This will be designed by this committee and selected by our staff. I have no doubt that we will end up with an appropriate, memorable, and attractive mascot and logo to remind us of some of the values and core principles of our school.

  2. Thank you for the response Dr. Winters. However, are you aware that some of the students are actually signing a petition against the mascot?

  3. We love it. We think it is cool and unique and will make our school stand out for sure. No other school would have this kind of mascot.

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