Uniform Survey Final Results

We collected paper ballots from all families that did not vote online and our final tally for uniform interest is…

50% Yes (295 votes)

50% No (300 votes)

We have heard from approximately 80% of our families.  Thanks to everyone for voicing their opinion.  Because we do not have a vast majority of families in favor of uniforms there will be no uniforms at Camarena Elementary.  Also, since we have already had a vigorous and healthy debate of this issue, this post will be closed for comments.  If you have any questions about this process or the implications of this decision, feel free to contact the office at 591-5500.

Being Neighborhly

Below is a message from the manager of the Cottage Lane Community which is just outside the entrance to our school.

Cottage Lane is private property and parents/guardians of children being escorted to your school are parking in the Cottage Lane community. Unfortunately, the problem is growing worse each day and we have no choice but to start having the vehicles towed. Please notify the parents/guardians of your students.

Please be advised.

Playground safety


Dear parents,

Our staff has been teaching our students playground safety. Students have learned rules that help keep them safe on the playground equipment. Both our playgrounds however are not supervised by staff after school, for this reason we are going to make the equipment off limits to our students during non-school hours. The main reason for this is to prevent accidents and to ensure that students always follow the school rules when they use the equipment. We will begin to implement this safety measure on Wednesday, August 14th.

Revised Blacktop Line-up

Dear Parents,

To improve the flow of students traveling to their classrooms in the morning we have revised our blacktop line up one more time. Room number will be written below the letter to help students find their line. Teachers communicated the new line-up to the students on Friday. Parents of kinder and first grade students may stand with their students in line. All other parents are welcome to sit at the lunch tables during our ingress procedure to help us keep a clear path for our students as they go enter class in the morning. Thank you for your support!

Family Forces- Resource for Military Families

Family Forces is a service that will be available at our school for our military families. Family Forces serves children, youth, and adolescents as well as adults. They have individual, family, group and couple counseling.

Family Forces can help with:

parenting skills
developing coping skills
improving family couple communication
decreasing anxiety
stress management techniques
decreasing symptoms of depression

If you would like more information please about this service please see Ms. Llamas in our School Office.

After School Programs

Please join us Tuesday (August 13) night at 6:00 PM.  We have several organizations coming to share their programs to discern what level of interest we will have at Camarena.  Here are some of the programs that will be presenting Tuesday night.

Mad Science

 Bricks 4 Kidz


Heartlight Dance/Fitness

We hope you can join us to hear what can be offered and voice your opinion about these programs. Most of these programs will cost money for attendance or materials, so they are all voluntary.

Drop Off and Pick Up

We are still refining our procedures to make for a smooth pick-up and drop off.   Some families are dropping off students  in the back lot where the bus turn around and staff parking are located.  This area is off limits to parent drop off.  Walkers are welcome (Please stay on the sidewalk), but drop-offs should either come to the front of the school or drop off the students at a safe place outside campus.  Thanks in advance for your adherence to these procedures.