Every Voice Matters

I’ve been closely following the discussion around uniforms and appreciate the various points of view.  Opinions will always be welcome here at Camarena, although I would caution some of our Camarena friends to maintain a spirit of civility and respect.  I will reserve the right to delete any comments that I don’t feel contribute to the conversation in a way that is helpful, healthy, and respectful.  As for the question of uniforms, I do want to make sure that every person has an opportunity to participate.  We have heard from 377 of our 744 families through the online poll.  I will send out paper ballots next week ONLY to the families that have not voted and give them an opportunity to add their voice to the conversation.  The vote at the end of next week will be final.  Once again, thank you for expressing yourself in a manner that is a worthy example for our children.


Dan Winters

2 comments on “Every Voice Matters

  1. Agreed Dr.Winters and thank you for your hard work and dedication to our wonderful new school. Civility, manners and respect is something that we all need in ourselves and it is so important to set the example for our children. Thank you for addressing this and know that you have my family’s support.

  2. We as a community are so fortunate to have such an amazing new school for our children, high-quality teachers, and a dedicated, student-focused principal in Dr. Winters. MOST families are honored to have their children at Camarena and conduct themselves in that light. On a personal note, I am committed to focusing on the “big picture”; in other words, what items REALLY impact our children’s learning, our teachers’ teaching, and our principal’s ability to lead. Those are the areas that deserve all of our focus and attention. Thank you, Dr. Winters, for addressing this very important issue!

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