What is the PTA Donation Drive?

Our PTA decided to try something new, although it’s a trend across the nation, it is to have a Direct Donation Drive.

The consensus is that parents do not like receiving “sales/fundraising catalogs” because they end up doing all the work. We only receive 30% – 40% of all sales. Opposed to a direct donation, 100% of your donations goes to the PTA and it’s 100% Tax Deductible! Each donation tier includes a tile. As you see the increments increase there are more rewards for parents. We are hoping this Donation Drive is successful to avoid sending a catalog home in the Spring. Tiles are included with each direct donation level but are also available for purchase for $20 each. Families are welcome (and encouraged) to purchased more than one tile.

Please see the attached flyer for more information. PTAflyer2013

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7 comments on “What is the PTA Donation Drive?

  1. Hello, I was very confused with the donation level for the family tiles. I purchased a $20 tile at the Open House. Does that mean it will not be displayed at Camarena? Only $50 tile donations will be displayed?

  2. DJ,

    Your tile will also be displayed. Sorry for the confusion. For anyone else reading this: All tiles bought will be displayed whether they were obtained in 50, 100, 150, or 200 dollar donations or just bought as a tile itself.Thank you for buying a tile DJ!


    We have not come up with a deadline to purchase yet. But the goal is to cut off sales in time that all tiles are decorated and returned to the school by the end of Fall break.

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