34 comments on “School Uniform Survey

  1. We just voted in favor, but there was no room for a comment. We are in favor as long as there are options for both shorts and pants depending on weather. Thank you.

  2. HI! I will like to vote in favor to have uniform,I believe that it is easier,comfortable and formal to wear them.
    how or when can I vote?
    thank you =)

  3. I agree. One downfall with uniforms is having to buy 2 sets of clothes. I would like to just buy regular clothes for my son and know that whatever I buy can be worn to school as well. I don’t want to have to worry about replacing worn uniform items and still have clothes for him when he’s not at school. Plus, I like taking advantage of sales and it would make so much more sense knowing that my son can wear those clothes both at school and when we go out. I like that he has his own style and can express himself within the acceptable clothing terms.

  4. Not in Favor. And, when did the vote happen?
    1. Uniforms detract from a child’s individuality.
    2. Schools should be a place where diversity is celebrated.
    3. The cost of uniforms is prohibitive, especially when a family includes more than one school-aged child.
    4. A child in a uniform may be the target of bullies from a different school.
    5. Uniforms may lessen the child’s comfort level while attending school.
    6. Enforcing rules about uniforms is difficult.

  5. My “agreement” was in regards to another comment earlier that my comment had previously followed and now the order is different. To make it more clear, I am against uniforms.

  6. In Favor and a rebuttal.
    1. Child’s individuality is expressed in other ways rather than through clothing which is picked anyways by a parent.
    2. Diversity is celebrated through culture not through clothing. Culture days are perfect to express Diversity.
    3. The cost of uniforms actually is cost effective for families. Saving come in the long run versus the short.
    4. Children at this age level are usually with their parents anyways when they’re out so bullying from other schools is a non-issue. Uniform create unity and pride. Uniforms are usually used as a way to establish a focus either academic or discipline.
    5. Comfort levels of a child are determined by their friend, teachers, and environment, not their clothes especially if they are looking the same, different clothing create more self consciousness.
    6. Enforcing rules about a variety of clothes is more difficult. There will be a dress policy regardless.

  7. Uniform is helpful for the parents and for the kids to not compare to others. We are not for fashion we focus on education so yes for uniform!

  8. At this point in time I would not appreciate uniforms being required. I have already purchased his school clothes and do no want to invest more in uniforms. If the policy had be enacted earlier I wouldn’t have minded, but I feel it is too late to make the decision for this school year. We had a budget for clothing and don’t want have to readjust my whole budget to supplement for more clothes.

    • My husband and I absolutely agree with this. We already spent plenty of money on school clothes and supplies, if there is going to be a uniform policy it should have been in place long before the last few days before school starts. If this passes It should not be enforced until the following school year.

  9. the link for uniforms pros/cons is still not working….however I still voted no, please no uniforms. there were no problems with kids at wolf canyon with not wearing uniforms, and I would just rather my child wear the clothes he already has. I just think there are more important matters to be concerned with instead of clothing!

  10. I totally agree on ALL POINTS made by RCFL007.

    1) Uniforms do not, in any way, keep anybody from expressing their individuality. I wore a school uniform from kindergarten to high school and I never felt like my freedom of expressing my individuality was ever compromised. It’s just clothing.

    2) It’s easier on both students and parents when getting ready in the morning. It amazes me how long it takes for my child to decide on what he/she wants to wear that day. It causes so much stress and then you have to hurry them out the door. By having uniforms, the choice becomes simpler and easier. The faster the kids get ready in the morning, the less chance of them being late for school.

    3) It’s more economical. There are a lot of families, specially mine, that cannot and will not spend hundreds of dollars on new school clothes. If you do the math, uniforms cost less and you only need to buy a few pieces. With the way the economy has been for the past years, I think it’s better and wiser for families to spend less on clothes and use their funds for more important things.

    I am definitely a YES ON UNIFORMS. It will help save time and money + the kids will look cute!

  11. I’m in favor for school uniforms. My children are in school to learn not for a fashion show. I’ve seen first hand of kids making fun of other kids,for not having the “in” sneakers at their previous school. How about if we give the PARENTS the option?
    Thank you 🙂

  12. Please be sure to vote either online or by paper ballot, even if you commented here. Your vote will not be tallied through your post.

  13. Private schools are great if you like uniforms. School starts next week and you want me to rush out and buy whatever uniform is decided at the last possible minute? please. This is a vote that should’ve happened months ago.

    • Thank you for your feedback. I certainly agree the timing of the vote should have been earlier. Here is some more information that we should have made clear at the outset. If the vote is against uniforms, obviously no changes need to be made. However, if the vote is for uniforms, there will be a lengthy process (minimum of 6 months per board policy) before any specific guidelines are presented. The vote at this time was never intended to send parents shopping for uniforms. We simply wanted to get the community’s view before initiating the process regarding uniforms if indeed that is even necessary. Thanks again for everyone’s feedback.

  14. I AGREE that using uniform so I don’t struggle every day deciding or not what to wear, the uniform is very practical and in addition i have two children.

  15. I’m totally agree,besides it is easy to identify the kid .parents won’t have to spend too much money in uniforms .I do really think that if there is other children can’t afford regular clothing a uniform will be better,besides it will make the children more confident,because other kids wear the same.

  16. I think the vote should be extended until the end of next week to ensure that all parents have been made aware of this issue by a written form included in handouts to each student. Not all parents read this forum. Since nothing will happen for six months anyway, the extra week would be more inclusive.

  17. Please NO uniforms… I like for my child to wear what I buy him at school and on family outings. I don’t want to have to worry about uniforms. I feel that a child’s individuality does not depend on what they wear alone… I do believe that it can be what they choose to wear and how they present themselves. I have 3 boys who are all in school and I would like them to wear what they want. They are all 3 unique and individual. Thanks

  18. Please NO uniforms. My girls came from a school wearing uniforms since kindergarten. They did not like it. Some uniforms did not even fit right. My girls are new to Camarena this year, and were very excited that there was no uniforms required. They loved going school shopping this year.. And it does get pricey having to buy uniforms and regular clothing

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