What do Camarena Parents think?

I truly believe that Camarena belongs to its families and will consistently seek to listen to and respond to the voice of Camarena families. With that in mind, I’ve schedules some meetings around several specific topics to hear your thinking.  If you are interested and available in the following topics, please respond to the RSVP form at the bottom of this post.

July 1

4:00  Homework (What are Parents’ expectations for homework?)

4:30 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) (What are parents’ concerns and level of interest?)

5:00 Learning Goals (What are the priorities for outcomes for parents?)


July 2

4:00 School Garden (What do we need to do to create a viable school garden?)

4:30 Walk to School (How can we create  culture of walking to school for the entire Camarena community?)

5:00 After School Activities (What after-school activities are of interest to Camarena families?)



19 comments on “What do Camarena Parents think?

  1. Hi Dr. Winters,

    I am very interested in participating in some of these forums, however, my family and I will be out of town on these days. Can we submit our questions/concerns here and then maybe have “minutes” of these forums posted here?

    In particular to the BYOD… I’m all in favor of using technology. But I do not trust that my children will be responsible enough to respect the devise they are supposed to be toting back and forth to school. I already see how they treat their beloved DSi’s. Not to mention, if a unanimous decision is made as to WHICH devise is approved for all children, how much is that going to cost me as the parent? I have a multiplier to think about and buying new tablets for the kids just is not on my financial radar. Is the district considering making a purchase of devices so there is a “classroom set”? Thus the children are in touch with technology, yet they are not being made responsible to take it back and forth to school/home, and I’m not on the hook for a couple of iPads that could get lost/broken/stolen.

    In regard to the Walk to School forum, I cannot figure out for the life of me which direction would be the safest route for walking considering traffic flow vs consideration of “stranger danger”. The trail behind us is safe from cars, but it can be subject to illicit activity. Exploration Falls is heavy on traffic. Can the police department maybe put their 2 cents in here?



    • We look forward to seeing you at the forums.

      As for BYOD, it will be completely voluntary. We have purchased devices for the classrooms so that students will definitely have access to tools at school whether they bring them or not. This is a newly embraced policy for the Chula Vista Elementary School District so we will be learning about best practices and procedures as we go.

      Regarding Walk to School, I’m looking forward to coming up with plans and ideas from our community to truly make this a walking school. The parking lot is very small for a school that will reach 1000 students during the first year. We will include the Chula Vista Police Department and City Planner in our discussions about designing walking pathways.

  2. Good morning: I will be able to be there from 4-5pm on Monday. I am not sure about Tuesday, but will try and participate in the afterschool program discussion at 5pm. I am emailing as the RSVP form does not allow specifics or comments. Thank you, Ilana


  3. Greetings again Dr. Winters, I am still unable to use the links in your posts. I’d like to RSVP for the all of the July 1 sessions. Thank you! Marie Mauel-Purog


  4. I am interested in coming to the meetings.

    In terms of BYOD, I would hope that if some parents (like myself) would be willing to have my son bring his iPad mini to school (he bought it himself and is completely responsible for its care and safe keeping), and if other parents/families decide not to, that their choice would not effect my son having permission to bring his device and using it as a learning tool at school.

    Also, can we bring our children to the meetings?

    Jennifer Cook

    • Yes indeed.

      BYOD will be supported on a voluntary basis. Those who are willing to send their children with devices will be encouraged and supported, while those who are uncomfortable with that step, will not be forced to participate. The school has purchased devices for every class and will make those available to students.

  5. I am also interested in the topics being discussed but I will be out of town as well with our family until July 7th. If we can submit input via email that would be great.
    Gina Mazeau

  6. Dr Winters,
    Is there going to be a time that working parents can attend group sessions to discuss the above listed topics. Both my wife and I work and it will be very tough to leave early on a Holiday week in order to participate

  7. I think these open forums are great but agree that holding these types of events at a later time will accomodate working parents’ schedule and will increase the level of participation. In the meantime, I look forward to submitting my input online!

  8. I have a question regarding walking to school. I noticed that there is an entrance off windingwalk next to the town square area. It looks as if it might be for buses, but this is the closest entrance to our house. Would we be able to go through that way? My MIL will be picking my son up and she will have an infant and toddler in tow so I’m trying to make it as easy as possible on her.

    Also, would there be crossing guards or anything put into place to help with those crossing the street?

  9. In regard to after school activities, I’d be happy to see SMRobotics classes offered. My son attended two sessions at Wolf Canyon and loved it. In addition to their weekly classes, students had the opportunity to watch how robotics are used in surgery during a trip to Sharp Hospital. If the classes are offered, we’ll sign up!

  10. My son would like to continue the Q3 SMRobotics classes. I’ve been told from Mr. Perez that we need at least 10 students to open Q3 class. Parents, please if your son or daugther wants to continue this class let SMRobotics and the school know. I already did it.

  11. In reference to the SM Robotics Club, my son James attended bothe sessions @ Eastlake Elementary and loved it. We would love for him to able to continue the program @ Camarena.

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