6 comments on “Kindergarten Playground

  1. Will there be an additional security around the school besides the surrounding gates? And what types of measures will be taken as visitors come onto the campus?

    • I’m not sure what other type of security you are referring to besides gates. Security cameras? That is not in the plans as that is not typical of any school in our district at this time. During school hours, there will be one entrance to the school and all visitors will need to enter the school through the front office and sign in as is the protocol at all Chula Vista schools.

  2. What type of play structures and/or equipment will be provided for Kindergarten students? Will this include programs such as “Peaceful Playground?”

  3. The San Diego County Consortium for Physicsl Education encourages physical education programs and play environments that promote a healthy active lifestyle, reduce playground injuries and increase social development for K-12 students. The Peaceful Playground program has been adopted by several districts, including San Diego, Carlsbad, Solana Beach, etc. This might be a worthwhile project to consider before construction is completed. Below is the website that offers more information. Just hoping to embed core values into the school environment through a kinesthetic approach for future Camarena students (hoping my two kids can transfer in). Thanks!

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